Raphaology Practitioner Torsten Kunert discussing Foot I.D. Therapy, Holistic health, Natural Medicine

Contact Torsten Call (424) 488-3396. or Email: TorstenKunert68@gmail.com. Torsten Kunert is a practitioner of Raphaology Medicine, Holistic, Natural Medicine and Wellness, a unique healing system encompassing whole herb and food nutrients that provide the body with missing elements necessary to repair damage, restore function, and achieve peak health and performance, no matter your present state of health.

The bottoms of the feet provide a map of the entire body. The right foot corresponds to the organs on the right side of the body, and the same holds true for the left foot. Every aspect of the human body’s form is repeated in the shape of the foot.

Nerve path endings on the soles of the feet are a map for the corresponding internal organs of the body and can be accessed by using Interactive Determination (ID) Therapy. This therapy shows just what imbalances, dysfunctions and light frequency deficiencies are present. It reveals exactly what color frequency in herbs and foods are necessary to restore full spectrum light, energy, nutrients and enzymes to the individual organ for repairing damage, restoring function, boosting immunities, balancing hormones, alleviating symptoms and revitalizing health to its optimal state.
Torsten reveals that every disease starts in the digestive system with nutritional deficiencies: foods that cannot be metabolized, utilized, or discarded. Poor quality foods that cannot be used or eliminated putrefy, toxify, and produce off-gasses. Toxic elements are spread into areas of the body that begin to host pathogens and deplete nutrients, debilitate hormone producing glands, cause chemical imbalances, and damage organs. This produces pain, swelling, high blood sugar and cholesterol, and every other kind of symptom.

Every human body has the intelligence and power to repair, rebuild, restore, and maintain itself with the choice of herbs over drugs, and whole foods over refined rations. Get all the clear, relevant information you need to take leave of commercial medicine’s toxic strategies and take charge of your own health and choices.

Contact Torsten Call (424) 488-3396. or Email: TorstenKunert68@gmail.com.

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